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1 Trump Remakes America in his Image Philip Kraske
2 Why We Need Permanent Security Clearances For Candidates For the White House jgeyman
3 Diktator Trump tom kando
4 19 more phantoms impede travel to Cuba Alvaro Fernandez
5 New Law Provides Disaster Relief and Medicaid Funds for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Jubilee USA Network
6 Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Disaster Relief Hangs on Senate ‎Negotiations Jubilee USA Network
7 TOP SECRET Declaration of Independence Carl Peterson
8 A Modest DACA Proposal sinclair
9 My Favorite Character in My Favorite Book Carl Peterson
10 Where do you go to give up? Mae B. Haynes
11 Government Shutdown Solutions Could Leave Out Disaster Aid for Puerto Rico Jubilee USA Network
12 The Parallel State Carl Peterson
13 The FBI Is a Ruling Class Cabal of Spies, Provocateurs and Executioners... Now Trump's Trying to Make It His Gestapo revcom
14 Roosevelt for President, not Oprah Philip Kraske
15 Will “Time’s Up” Golden Globes Protests Be Seen Years From Now as the Turning Point Where Society Pivoted From Rock Bottom? Todd Telford
16 A Christmas Rat Carl Peterson
17 The Phoenix Also Rises: Regenerating Our Democracy George Monroe
18 Trump launches Gillibrand's presidential campaign Robert J Gaydos
19 Democracy Lost? Cold War(s) in the Cyber Age Thomas Magstadt
20 They are owners not donors Carl Peterson
21 Are Republicans Duping Their Donors in the Same Way They’re Playing the Anti-Abortion Crowd? Todd Telford
22 Badmouthing the Sovereign Carl Peterson
23 Punishment, Profit, and the American Criminal Justice System Tom Adams
24 A Petition to Democratic Leaders Tom Cantlon
25 Will the Infamous Trump-Bannon-Moore Axis Bulldoze the GOP? Robert S. Becker
26 W. Should Confess Carl Peterson
27 From the Streets to the Citadels of Power: The Feminist Approach to Sexual Harassment rena Grasso
28 Saudi, Israeli officials hold rare meeting in L.A., weigh measures for breakthrough in relations TariqAlShammari
29 The Bolshevik Centennial, Lessons for Today Al Markowitz
30 No, It’s Not You, Too Jeannette de Beauvoir
31 They're No Heroes Carl Peterson
32 The Election of 1860 (and 2020?) Steven Jonas
33 Something's bad Walter Hecht
34 Revoke and Replace: As Our Democracy Crumbles the Obvious Solution is a Republican Recall Paul mcconnell
35 Is Trump Crazy? Or crazy like a fox: Following the Repub. Right-Wing Imperative sjtpm
36 Infant President on the Skids Carl Peterson
37 Three Constitutions Larry Allen Brown
38 The Right-wing Imperative, the Republican Party, and Trump sjtpm
39 Dog ban at D.C. bar patios could be repealed by council Heather Miller
40 Senator Charles Grassley's Honesty Carl Peterson
41 Catalonia: Independence, that'd be like so cool. Philip Kraske
42 Creative Entrepreneurial Chicago: Antithesis of AltRight Aims and Machinations George Monroe
44 DOJ confirms IRS mishandled tax-exempt status of tea party nonprofits, not reopening Lerner case without criminal intent Heather Miller
45 Report from the Convergence librarian1984
46 9-11 Started the Last Phase of Empire Philip Kraske
47 How Did We Get Here? Part V The Third Way Carl Peterson
48 Palace Purge? Mark Albertson
49 Stacy on the Right: Union-Backed Groups Use Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds for Political Gain, Judge Dismisses Sarah Palin's Defamation Lawsuit, and More News of The Week Heather Miller
50 The Missing Bigger Vision Tom Cantlon
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