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1 The Repubs.’ New – Old – ‘New-Trumpian’ Base: The Religious Right, Part 1 Steven Jonas
2 BACK TO THE FUTURE: ORWELL'S 1984 IS HERE Benjamin L. Palumbo
3 Trump's Fake News Conference Ted Landau
4 Ecuador Minister Discusses Need for UN Tax Body with Transparency Advocates Jubilee USA Network
6 A Trump Retrospective Steven Jonas
7 Martin Shkreli Booted From Twitter For Harassment. Why Not Trump? B.T. Hill
8 Donald Trump Did Not Happen melshall
9 Mind Fogged in the Nuclear Anthropocene James Heddle
10 'Jackals and Jackasses' Mark Albertson
11 The Emperor's New Clothes - A Donald Trump Parable gac333
12 Trump and the Ruling Class Steven Jonas
13 Our Pledge for 2017 David M Goodman
14 An Open Letter To Donald Trump gac333
15 the boss Gregg Herreid
16 Ode to the Corporal Mark Albertson
17 Can the Democrats Now Be the Party of No? David Starr
18 Like a Mafia Don, Trump Pumps ‘Family Values’ with a Vengeance Robert S. Becker
19 The Real Reasons Hillary Lost Edward Boudreau
20 Russians, Al Qaeda, Saddam, and back to Russians Philip Kraske
21 The Phoney War, Trump, and the U.S. Ruling Class Steven Jonas
22 A Democrat's story: To boldly go where hustlers have never gone before Eric Jackson
23 The Fail Of The Electoral College: A Tyrant Is Now Our 45th President. B.T. Hill
24 Mike Pence Dominionist: The Next President of the United States? Steven Jonas
25 'Mr. Unpredictability’ Fields an Utterly Predictable, Regressive Cabinet Robert S. Becker
26 why Trump Gregg Herreid
27 One Month After The Election, It’s Obvious: Electoral College Must Vote Against Trump B.T. Hill
28 Propornot: I Get no Respect, no Respect at all! Philip Kraske
29 A Depleted Military? No, It’s Truth That’s Depleted… Thomas Magstadt
30 Rebuild the Democratic Party: Jobs for All Brian King
31 The Gettysburg Address, Slightly Updated Robert S. Becker
32 Can the story of a KKK leader-turned-informant help guide us out of apparent racial turmoil? mkpshay
33 Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Leadership Council, and How to Lose an Election Steven Jonas
34 Our Call To Arms! Rosalyn Saz
35 Hitler and Mussolini: Pseudo Socialists David Starr
37 Hey Democratic Party: Stop Doubling Down on Stupid; Take Responsibility for Once DuaneV
38 The One Thing Trump Got Right: The System Is Rigged... Thomas Magstadt
39 Puerto Rico's Governor Refuses to Submit Revised Fiscal Plan Jubilee USA Network
40 What I Say To Republican Who Tell Us - Get Over It Brice K.
41 Green Carnage
42 Religious Development Coalition Addresses Third Meeting of Puerto Rico Jubilee USA Network
43 Some thoughts on an election Robert J Gaydos
45 Rebuild the DNC from the Ground Up Patriot
46 It Depends on What You Mean by “Successful” David Bass
47 A sick people sick of themselves Philip Kraske
48 A Voice in the Wilderness bellaafaith
49 The Trump Victory, Our Moribund Democracy, And Some Advice Michael Potash
50 buckle up Gregg Herreid
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