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writing for godot

We All Lost The Presidential Debate

Written by Sierra Salin   
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 02:37
Romney will be a disaster. Obama is a bit better, and neither will create or leave a livable future. We are like babbling monkeys on a sinking ship.
Watch Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein debating the same questions, and hear some real responses, and real issues. We need serious change and sane policy based within Nature and diverse systems, and not based on profit and empire.

Of course, unless we demand serious and real change, we are toast. Nature IS tanking now. Period. Sure, get Obama in office, and then sharpen our ##*@&## pitchforks and get involved.

Shame on all of us. We are leaving a mess on our watch. Who will end the endless wars, the insanity of Nuclear Power (Fukushima IS teetering, and what is being done? Oops..) Nuclear weapons, Legitimate rape by bankers, Fracking, etc, etc....

What ARE we doing folks? Get real, and get involved in peace and sustainability. Quit being consumers and takers, and conserve this finite planet while we have the chance. Everything which lives is in peril, and all we care about is $$$ money? Who will join me as a steward? The commons (as in the Earth and Nature) do NOT belong to us, and living Nature has more value than disposable products and toxic landfills. Currently, we are destroying the diverse systems which support all life and health, and for what?

For what? All religions are failing and hypocritical. Love your neighbors folks. your social media marketing partner


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+1 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-10-24 00:30
I found Jill most inspiring when she said get out those who plan to stay home to vote.

I believe in holding my noise and voting for slow calapse rather than a Romney bloody last har rah. But getting new voters to vote will make me feel good about myself and prepare for next time if there is a next time

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