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1 Not All of Us Jaron Pearlman
2 Gun Control: A Conversation With Universlman John Glassco
3 A Marxian Insight on Modern Mass Murder Michael Potash
4 NRA: Why Can't We Outlaw Guns Meant For Terrorists? Thomas Magstadt
5 Armed Whites to March in Black Neighborhood Walter Brasch
6 America is Standing on Shifting Ground Diane Straub
7 Law and Disorder: Cops Against Constitutions Thomas Magstadt
8 Facts and Opinions Julian Modiano
9 Muskets, Amendments and Push Me Pull You Legislation Geri Lennon
10 Almost Magical Ways to cut gun violence and other hurtful acts Richard Kane
11 Gun rights/gun wrongs Walter Hecht
12 NRA and lack of education Clint Hyde
13 Time to rethink Guns, Pot, and Gay Marriage in light of the success with seat belts and cut backs in tobacco use Richard Kane
14 Guns rule Walter Hecht
15 Bloomberg, Bullets, and Babies Rosemarie Jackowski
16 Gun Violence, War, and War Video Simulations Richard Kane
17 Gun-Crazed or Gutless?: Lunatics, Legislators, & Liberty's Limits Thomas Magstadt
18 “Enough is enough”! President Obama: It’s time to call out the National Guard! Rabbi Philip Posner
19 The Stronger the Public Outrage After Bloodshed, The Greater the Gun Surge Robert S. Becker
20 The Coulter Inquisition (of Liberals and Other "Heretics") David Starr
21 Same Rules or All - Ceasefire vs Gun-Control Richard Kane
22 NRA Do Something Constructive: Help Inner Cities Curb Gun Violence Bev Hill
23 Attitudes on Gun Violence Must Change: Why IS Chicago So Out of Control? Bev Hill
24 Progressives Against Obama Gun Control Richard Kane
25 Guns: Have Ingrown Cross Hairs – Will Travel Andor Carnes
26 Gun Owners Should Be Insured Herbert Williams
27 NRA Walter Hecht
28 Oh What Fun It Is To Kill Our Fellow Creatures Dick Meister
29 The Other Gun Deaths: Black-On-Black Gun Deaths in the Inner City Bev Hill
30 Since people kill people, why are we giving them so many weapons? Greg Wittig
31 Cell Phones while Driving and Guns in our Cities Is Banning Then the Solution? Richard Kane
32 Note to Congress: Dirt Washes Off, Blood Stains Thomas Magstadt
33 How to create a killer using mind control Nancy Lake
34 CAPPING THE CRAZY KILLERS Michael Hammerschlag
35 Yes, it's about Guns, because Treating Guns like Favorite Toys is Killing Us Ramona Grigg
36 Violence in American Culture: Let's Get Real Tom Adams
38 Gun control revisited Walter Hecht
39 Guns In America: A Conversation with Mother Nature Thomas Magstadt
40 This is Amerika! Kevin
41 Amazingly good news “Joker” wanted to kill hundreds, but only killed 15 Richard Kane
42 Dark Knights in Colorado, Dark Days in America Thomas Magstadt
43 First Response: Empathy or Insensitivity Rene Thompson
44 Aurora CO, July 20, 2012: It Will Happen Again Mikyle J. Lockwood
45 Ant Wars Billy Bob

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