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1 I'm an Idiot who by Happenstance understood an unfinished Result of Einstein's Otto E. Rossler
2 Rising Above ISIS, Godless Corporate Capitalism, and the War System Dr. Roger Kotila
3 United Nations Day & Pakistan’s Peacekeeping Role Sajjad Shaukat
4 US Weak Position for the New Cold War Sajjad Shaukat
5 The New Sustainable Development Goals and Global Schizophrenia Dr. Glen T. Martin
6 Pope & UN Sustainable Development Goals Inspire, but Fall Seriously Short Dr. Roger Kotila
7 UN Can't Stop B61-12 Nukes: Pentagon's Life Extinction Program in High Gear Dr. Roger Kotila
8 United Nations Votes for Global Bankruptcy Principles Jubilee USA Network
9 Congress in a Unanimous Vote Ordered the Iranian Ambassador Banned from the US – Entrenched Lobbies Going a Muck Richard Kane
10 Globophobia – America Against the World Thomas Magstadt
11 From Hebron to East-Timor - and back Adam Keller
12 UN backs genocide John Glassco
13 Global Interest is Important! Keep Funding UNESCO! daniel horgan

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