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1 Let Her Decide
2 Vote to Shape the World You Want
3 Honor Childfree People
4 "Pro-Lifers" and Their "Moral" Stand David Starr
5 The Barbarity of 'Honor Killings' David Starr
6 Remember how Abortion Used to Be
7 The Absurd Claim That the Newtown, CT Shootings Were a Punishment for Abortion David Starr
8 The Hypocrisy of the “Trans” World Dianne Post
9 Men Are Considered to Be Their Identities Whereas Women Settle for Being Considered to Be Their Reputations Barbara Todish
10 Instances of State Sponsored Violence Against Women in Kenya and the US Simon Collery
11 Women's obstacles to sobriety Robert J Gaydos
12 The Age of Kardashian: The Cultural Ascension of the Buttox Caleb M. Pilgrim
13 I Took "Survival Sex" So Seriously, I Lost My Sense of Humor Barbara Todish
14 Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda Been A Contender, But For Scoliosis! Barbara Todish
15 Following Hajra in Mecca: Islam's Matriarchal Roots Shahla Khan Salter
16 Battered CEO Syndrome: Did Roger Provoke His Beating? Robert Douglas
17 From the Burqa to the Thong: Dianne Post
18 I Found My Own Virtuality! Barbara Todish
19 How To BE Your Own Happiness Instead Of, Or In Addition To, HAVE Happiness Barbara Todish
20 The "Big Picture" Transcends the Misogyny Addressed by #YESALLWOMEN! Barbara Todish
21 Patriarchy and the 7th Extinction Patrick Wells
22 The Abortion War; Catholic victories, Protestant defeats Roger Buchanan
23 Women Need Men to Communicate Instead of, or in Addition to, Perform Barbara Todish
24 Husband Hunting? Hold your fire, feminists! Victoria Dilliott
26 At York University: Is the Issue Religious Accommodation or Gender Harassment? Shahla Khan Salter
27 Meet the Woman Driving Change in Saudi Arabia Shahla Khan Salter
28 Abortion: Is It Murder? Roger Buchanan
29 Abortion Walter Hecht
30 My Mother Tried to "Play" Us Kids As If We Were Keys On The Piano Barbara Todish
31 Abortion as a Last Resort and Necessity for the Threat of Overpopulation David Starr
32 The endless fight for women's rights Robert J Gaydos
33 The naked truth about Tunisia’s topless protester Yvonne Ridley
34 British Establishment blocks Minute's Silence for Emily Davison Yvonne Ridley
35 Ending the culture of rape Robert J Gaydos
36 Malala was the true person of the year Robert J Gaydos
37 Women OK'd for Combat? We've Come a Long Way, Baby! Sally
38 The Uncertainty Model Beth Carter
40 Rape Survivors as Pawns of the Righteous Ilene Flannery Wells
41 Will My Flashbacks End When The Election Is Over? Ilene Flannery Wells
42 This is NOT about Abortion. It is about Equality Ilene Flannery Wells
43 Will AB 2530 Unshackle Childbirth in California? --An interview with Tina Reynolds and Vikki Law Angola 3 News
44 Will Baby Making Machines Have Rights under the Human Life Amendment? karla rove
45 Legitimate Rape - War on Women, the GOP Anti-Abortion Platform - Don't Dicktate to Me karla rove
46 WHEN STUPIDITY IS INEVITABLE . . . Wilma Howe-Bennett
47 I Choose To Be MY Validity Identity, Instead of My Social Identity Barbara Todish
48 Surprise! Now I Know That I Hated AMBIGUITY Instead of Surprise! Barbara Todish
49 Why are the Republicans Attacking Women's Rights? heather
50 I May Be an Attractive Nuisance Barbara Todish
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