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1 Pickles Paul Klinkman
2 Congress Passes Anti-Corruption Act Jubilee USA Network
3 Congress's Take on the Heroin Crisis Part II William Edstrom
4 Congress's Take on the Heroin Crisis Part I William Edstrom
5 Senate Passes Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Bill: Legislation Heads to White House Jubilee USA Network
6 Senate Faces Puerto Rico Vote Before July 1 Deadline: Governor Calls for Passage of Debt Relief Bill‎ Jubilee USA Network
7 Religious Leaders ‎Ask Senators to Pass Puerto Rico Debt Legislation Jubilee USA Network
8 Puerto Rico Debt Bill Heads for Full House Vote Jubilee USA Network
9 Religious Coalition Organizes National Call Congress Day for Puerto Rico Jubilee USA Network
10 Puerto Rico Archbishop Invites Prayers for Congress, Creditors and Political Leaders Around Financial Crisis Jubilee USA Network
11 Congress Releases Draft Puerto Rico Bill to Address Financial Crisis Jubilee USA Network
12 Fake it 'til you make it, Jughead Aaron Yarmuth
13 Congress Excludes Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Provision in Omnibus Bill Jubilee USA Network
14 Republican Senators Tell Iran We Can’t Be Trusted
15 Boehner Censured by Constituents Margaret T. Sacco
16 The Tea Party and the Race War Winston P. Nagan
17 Congress Kicks Another Can Down the Road Stephen Wilson
18 The nuclear option and court packing Walter Hecht
19 Orwell for Congress! (Never mind, he's already there...) Thomas Magstadt
20 Doomsday for the Republic(ans)? Thomas Magstadt
21 Shutdown: Congress, Coup Plotters, And the Ghost of Joe McCarthy Thomas Magstadt
22 The Republican Party of Pain Albert Z Lewis
23 Naming the Game C Gardner Wilson
24 Rep. Cummings: Obama's defender in chief Robert S. Weiner
25 An Occupier for Congress Jim Prues
26 Lawyers & Politicians and Why We Can't Trust Either John Griffin Miller
27 More Democracy, Less Republic C Gardner Wilson
28 The Ongoing Bipartisan Betrayal of the American Voters C Gardner Wilson
29 High Plains Karma Robert Sommers
30 Washington's Anatomical Wonders Thomas Magstadt
31 Reform the Senate Walter Hecht
32 NRA Liars and Congressional Cowards Walter Brasch
33 Holding the American People Hostage Walter Brasch
34 Defensible Cuts: Sequester This... Thomas Magstadt
35 Sequestration Walter Hecht
36 The Chuck Hagel Hearing: “Are you lying?” “No.” Paul Larudee
37 Five Signs Democrats in Congress Are Dirty Thomas Magstadt
38 The Problem With the Bahmas Walter Brasch
39 Congressional Elections Are Fixed In America Dave Makkar
40 Filibusted! Why the US Senate Refuses to Fix Itself Thomas Magstadt
41 Our Corrupt, Constitutionally Constipated Government G. Ross Stephens
42 Congress: Cut the Claptrap about Capitalism: (And Stop Pretending You Represent Us) Thomas Magstadt
43 This Year America Will Get Better, Or It Will Surely Get Worse Thomas Magstadt
44 America's Most Terrifying Group of Psychotics With Guns Is CONGRESS. Lawrence Brown
45 The NRA Blew It B.T. Hill
46 Lefties must defend Libertarians in this time of crisis, or Bernie Sanders might be next Richard Kane
47 Our Rulers, the Rules, and Gridlock G. Ross Stephens
48 Republicans Try To Suppress Facts William Boardman
49 Change the Senate Filibuster Rule in January! Alan McConnell
50 Facts Don’t Lie: Consumers, Merchants & Economy Are Winners One Year After Debit Card Swipe Fee Reform aaa
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