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writing for godot

Profiteer or Human Person

Written by Bishop Andrew Gentry   
Friday, 23 March 2012 08:33
I have decided that there are essentially two types of people. There is the profiteer and the human person. The profiteer whose god is money and whose religion is the acquisition of wealth, whose religious obligation is the maintenance of wealth and its gospel is profit is evidenced by the Tea Party Republicans here in the US and its various incarnations across the Pond. Its high priests are marketeers and its hierarchy multi-national corporations. It will offer as sacrifice on its altar of greed everything from human flesh and life to the very air we breathe and water we drink. It will prostitute any principle of representative government, any catechism , any science and any art form. It will devour itself and the rest of us with it. Human persons are the absolute opposite. People over profit is the mantra and respect for all creation the dogma. Responsibility to neighbor is the duty and peace the goal. The spiritual is ever lasting and imminent. Which one do you fit into? your social media marketing partner


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+1 # flippancy 2012-03-25 12:09
Amen brother!

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