5 Important Life Lessons From The King of the Animals

Written by ketan pande   
Wednesday, 06 December 2017 21:25

Lions can teach us important life lessons which can help anyone to become better. They dominate their territory and are one of the apex predators. Lions are among the strongest animals in the world and mean business when it comes to hunting or ruling. They are the king because they have a touch of royalty in everything they do. From eating habits where 20-25 royal members dine at the same to conquering huge lands. A male lion always remains fearless and lives a life of a true ruler.But, their life is full of obstacles and problems. There is very less space for errors and one mistake may make them lose their life, reign, or offspring. Also, hunting is not an easy task, their success rate of hunting is only 17-19 percent. Compared to human their problems are bigger because they never get a second chance.

But, have you ever seen a depressed lion or one who wants to give up? The answer is no. They always struggle to hunt and rule lands, but they never quit. Sometimes they fail in hunting a zebra or a gazelle and sometimes a wildebeest but still, they fail. So, do they give up? No. They try hard and succeed in hunting a buffalo. So, what motivates them to fight the harsh life? The answer is survival. The only thing that keeps them moving is survival. Many lions lose their reign, children, and queens to other lions, but they never give up on life. That's why they can teach us important life lessons to find success in life.

So, what do they teach us?

1. Your goal is the only way to survive.

Set a life goal and work hard to achieve it, consider that there are no alternatives. As lions are born to hunt and rule, consider that you are born to accomplish your goal. Consider your goals and work as your source of motivation. They will keep you going through good and bad times because fame is temporary but work pleasure and sense of achievement is permanent,



2. Fail and Evolve.

Lions fail eight out of ten times in hunting, but this makes them fine-tune their skills and thus they can catch bigger prey to feed their family. Likewise, we should also embrace our failures and evolve each time we face them. Also, we must follow this law of nature: "Evolve and survive" to achieve success in life. Failures are inevitable but learning from them and self-motivation are in our hand.



3. The focus is the key.

When Lions go on a hunt, they make less noise and focus on the prey. Now Imagine, If a lion makes a sound, will he be able to hunt? The answer is no! So, what do we learn? “Too much talking” makes us lose focus. Don’t tell everyone about your goal and what you are doing. Keep it low and be like a lion.



4. Always trust each other.

A pride of lions always back each other in good and bad times. Rather in bad times, as an individual, they contribute more, so that whole pack survives. We should also learn that strength is in the pack and everyone can contribute to overcoming tough problems.



5. Have fun in life.

Lions go through a harsh life filled with everyday challenges. But they don't spend the time thinking about the daily challenges. They always enjoy every moment with their pride members. So make sure to relish each moment of your life.


So next time make sure to watch a documentary on the lions and try to learn from it. Lions teach us to dominate problems in life and live like a true winner. Similarly, every animal’s life is full of struggle and we can learn a lot from them to find prosperity in life.They inspire us to do something in life.



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