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Chait: "Either something else is going to have to happen to disrupt the liberalism of the rising youth cohort, or else the Republican Party itself will have to change in ways far more dramatic than any of its leading lights seem prepared to contemplate."

Will Republicans be able to change enough to win young voters? (photo: Getty Images)
Will Republicans be able to change enough to win young voters? (photo: Getty Images)

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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

+5 # herman_the_german 2012-11-27 19:01
"After every election, the winning party likes to trot out the same boorish claptrap about how the opposition is in its death throes."

Independently of this, society is changing, which is really the point of the article. Social conservatism is going away little by little. Fiscal conservatism is more likely to be on a pendulum. That is the trend.
If the Fiscal Conservatives wish to survive they should be flexible enough to let go of their social conservatism.
+3 # wwway 2012-11-28 11:06
I agree that we form attachments to a political party early in life. The disadvantage to that is the blind eye that develops. For example, "I'm socially liberal and fiscally conservative" Republicans in my age group (60) say. They also say, "I don't like politics, I don't discuss politics" "I really love the way Republicans slam Democrats." All in the same breath while not being able to answer questions or discuss issues as they are brought up. It's amusing but tragic to observe unquestioned loyalty. Their Republican Party is not socially liberal or fiscally conservative.
We were the generation who came of age with the triumph of Civil Rights, bore witness to the Southern Strategy, won the vote for 18 year olds, lost the ERA, and gave our youth to Viet Nam and Peace protests. We questioned everything only for some of us to give up and question nothing as Republicans.
Change happens with the will and energy of the youth. Time for our young people to ignore the old angry white Republican ideology and march forward.

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