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Excerpt: "... the Florida for Life Act would essentially (and unconstitutionally) make it a felony to perform an abortion except when a physician meets very specific circumstances. ... If physicians fail to meet these stipulations or provide abortion services in any other case including rape or incest, they would face maximum penalty of life in prison."

Florida Rep. Charles Van Zant brought back a bill that bans abortion in the state of Florida. (photo: Geddings)
Florida Rep. Charles Van Zant brought back a bill that bans abortion in the state of Florida. (photo: Geddings)

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+1 # jwb110 2012-01-06 12:35
Oh well, it is Florida. You can't expect mush more from them.
+9 # universlman 2012-01-06 13:11
how about a constitutional ammendment;
"congress shall make no law respecting a person's right of any medical procedure, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
+3 # wrodwell 2012-01-06 16:25
When flying to Florida on a plane from New York, I was struck how flat and vulnerable the Florida peninsula seemed. Given the voter fraud debacles during the Bush years, the nefarious influence exercised by drug lords, and with Florida's reputation as the nation's leading provider of dangerous prescription drugs whose providers fraudulently rake in millions in insurance and Medicare dollars annually, how hard would it be to cut Florida off from the mainland so it can drift out to sea where it could continue to do its thing without damaging the rest of the country? Just a thought.....
+1 # RMDC 2012-01-06 18:49
Oh Well, when global warming raises the sea level all of Florida will be underwater. The people will move north where some measure of sanity still prevails. The waters of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico will mingle over what used to be one of the most hellish places on earth. I don't think even fish will want to swim there.
+9 # Joan Manning 2012-01-06 22:02
This abortion issue is pure sexism. This is what it seems to be saying to women:
1) If you're married, it's your job to bear and raise children, so shut up.
2) If you're not married and you consent to sex, the baby is your punishment.
3) If you claim you were raped, how do we know you weren't just asking for it?
4) If you say your life or health necessitates an abortion, how do we know that's true?

In other words, the woman is always put on the defensive.

Question: If a man attempts suicide and fails, why isn't he tried for attempted murder? Didn't he attempt to take a human life? Why do men have jurisdiction over their own bodies and women do not?
+4 # Regina 2012-01-06 23:41
And what guarantee do we have that the crackpot, obsessed, religiosity-dri ven pols had high-enough IQs to understand the medical technicalities they demand for authorization? Of course, women in such jeopardy could prove the point by dying as they wait.

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